Books For Sale

If you have an unusual project, bring it to Whitney. We have published poetry books from a jumble of handwritten originals scribbled on envelopes and grocery bags. We have published a book of memorabilia from a stack of newspaper clippings and old photographs. If you have a book project which will involve a small number of adoptions at your school, contact Whitney to discuss a publishing arrangement. We may be able to publish your work at no cost to you, provide books for your classes, and still pay you a larger royalty than any main line publisher.

Do you need a publisher and printer for a small run of a journal, textbook, lab book, workbook, scholarly book, poetry book, or novel? Whitney Press can print and perfect bind 1 or 100 copies, and we can keep digital files to facilitate future orders of 1 to 100. Starting with a Word or Word Perfect file, Whitney can organize, design, layout and compose your work. The finished document can be posted in pdf format to your web page, or printed and bound on demand. Whitney can handle full color throughout, black and white interior, full color cover, or any combination you desire.

Whitney Press is an on-demand printing and publishing company specializing in small runs of 100 copies or less. We can handle as few as one, or we can publish entirely on the web in pdf format. We are the place to go for unusual projects.